Below you can find links to my public scholarship.

Contributor to “Judaism” entry in Why Faith Matters: Responding to Sexual Violence and Abuse. A Handbook for Advocates and Allies (December 2019).

A Patriarchal Miseducation.” AJS Perspectives: The Patriarchy Issue (Summer 2019).

Us vs. Them: Challenging Stereotypes about Judaism in the Wake of the Pittsburgh Shooting.” Stroum Center for Jewish Studies Blog (November 1, 2018).

Reading the Rabbis in the Age of #MeToo.” Feminist Studies in Religion Blog (October 23, 2018).

“An Ancient Jewess Invoking Goddesses: Transgression or Pious Adaptation? AJS Perspectives: The Transgression Issue (Summer 2017): 24-25. 

Jewish Queens: From the Story of Esther to the History of Shelamzion.” The Torah & Biblical Scholarship (March 18, 2016).

A Jewish Historian’s Plea for Global Refugees.” Stroum Center for Jewish Studies Blog (September 9, 2015).

“An Introduction to Toledot Yeshu.Ancient Jew Review (December 25, 2014).

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