On My Right Michael, On My Left Gabriel:

Angels in Ancient Jewish Culture

University of California Press, 2021

Image is of Marc Chagall’s oil panting “Abraham and the Three Angels” (1960-1966), Nice, France.

Mika Ahuvia is scholar of late antique Judaism.

Her research investigates how our understanding of the past changes when we decenter the texts of the rabbis, the historical actors who have occupied the central place in the historiography, and instead include intriguing—albeit neglected—sources of evidence from other Jews.

Her work demonstrates that when we emphasize popular stories, daily prayers, and ritual-magical practices rather than rabbinic legal texts, Judaism and its development can be reconceived as a series of conversations, confrontations, and collaborations.

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Her forthcoming book is On My Right Michael, On My Left GabrielAngels in Ancient Jewish Culture. Read more about her research on angelology here.